Sinulog 2014

Cebu sinulog festival 2016 schedule

Sinulog festival 2016 schedule

SINULOG 2016 Schedule of Activities
as of October 20, 2015

Sinulog Cebu 2016 Schedule

Sinulog Cebu 2016

December 1, 2015 – January 31, 2016 : Sinulog Street Fair, Osmeña Blvd.

December 26, 2015 – January 23, 2016 : Sinulog 2015 Photo Exhibit @ SM City Cebu

January 3, 2016 (Saturdayday)
Sinulog Fun Run

5:00 A.M. : Elimination Sinulog 2016 Dance Crew

January 7, 2016 (Thursday)
Opening Salvo: Walk with Jesus
4:00 A.M. : Assembly Time (Area) Fuente Osmeña
4:30 A.M. : Start of Walk-Fuente Osmeña Blvd. – Basilica del Sto. Niño
5:30 A.M. : Installation of Hermano & Hermana Mayores 2016

January 8, 2016 (Friday)
Sinulog 2015 Kick Off
10:00 A.M. : Sinulog Trade Fair @ SM City Cebu by Department of Trade and Industry
2:00 P.M. : Solemn Mass (Basilica del Santo Niño)
3:00 P.M. : Launching Parade (Basilica del Santo Niño to CCSC)
6:00 P.M. : Sinulog Choral Competition Grand Finals @ Fuente Osmeña
7:00 P.M. : Opening and Launching Program, Fuente Osmeña
8:00 P.M. : Sinulog Idol (Fuente Osmeña Circle)
9:00 P.M. : Street Party Bands

January 9, 2016 (Saturday)
Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan
1:00 P.M. : Parade of Participants, Capitol Site to Cebu City Sports Center
2:00 P.M. : Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan @ Cebu City Sports Center
6:30 P.M. : Cultural Show (Fuente Osmeña) by Department of Education – Cebu Province
7:00 P.M. : Ms. Cebu 2015 Pre Pageant Night @ Ayala Activity Center
8:00 P.M. : Sinulog Idol @ Fuente Osmeña Circle
9:00 p.m. : Concert @ Fuente Osmeña Circle, Street Party

January 10, 2016 (Sunday)
Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan
3:00 A.M. : Cebu City 2015 Marathon – www.cebumarathon.com
1:00 P.M. : Parade of Participants, Plaza Independencia to Cebu City  Sports Center
2:00 P.M. : Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan @ Cebu City Sports Center
6:30 P.M. : Cultural Show (Fuente Osmeña) by University of San Carlos, Cebu Normal University,
Salazar College of Science and Institute of Technology
8:00 P.M. : Sinulog Idol (Fuente Osmeña)
9:00 P.M. : Concert @ the Fuente Osmeña, Street Party Bands

January 11, 2016 (Monday)
6:30 P.M. : Cultural Show (Fuente Osmeña)
8:00 P.M. : Sinulog Idol (Fuente Osmeña)
9:00 P.M. : Concert @ the Fuente Osmeña, Street Party Bands

January 12, 2016 (Tuesday)
6:30 P.M. : Cultural Show (Fuente Osmeña)
8:00 P.M. : Sinulog Idol (Fuente Osmeña)
9:00 P.M. : Concert @ the Fuente Osmeña, Street Party Bands

January 13, 2016 (Wednesday)
9:00 A.M. : Airport Welcome (Balikbayan Flights)
6:30 P.M. : Cultural Show (Fuente Osmeña) by Department of Education – Cebu City Division
7:00 P.M. : Ms. Cebu 2016 Coronation Night @ Waterfront Hotel Cebu City
8:00 P.M. : Sinulog Idol (Fuente Osmeña)
9:00 P.M. : Concert @ the Fuente Osmeña, Street Party Bands.


Sinulog is a dance ritual in honor of the miraculous image of the Santo Nino. The dance moves to the sound of the drums and this resembles the current (Sinulog) of what was then known as Cebu’s Pahina River. Thus, in Cebuano, they say it’s Sinulog.

More than just the meaning of the word is the significance of the dance. Historians now say that Sinulog, which is of pagan origin, is the link between the country’s pagan past and its Christian present. Let’s trace its history.

Historical accounts say that before Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan came to Cebu on April 7, 1521 to plant the cross on its shore and claim the country for the King of Spain, Sinulog was already danced by the natives in honor of their wooden idols and anitos. Then Magellan came and introduced Christianity. He gave the Santo Nino (image of the Child Jesus) as baptismal gift to Hara Amihan, wife of Cebu’s Rajah Humabon who was later named Queen Juana. At that time, not only the rulers were baptized but also about 800 of their subjects. Unfortunately, however, shortly after the conversion, Magellan went into a reckless adventure by fighting the reigning ruler of Mactan, Rajah Lapulapu, with only a handful of men. He died in the encounter. That was on April 27, 1521.

The remnants of Magellan’s men were however able to return to Spain to report the incident and the possibility of conquest. It took 44 years before a new group came and started the formal Christianization of the islands. Miguel Lopez de Legaspi arrived in Cebu on April 28, 1565. His ships bombarded the village and in one of the burning huts, one of his soldiers named Juan Camus found inside a wooden box the image of the Santo Nino lying side by side with native idols.

Historians now say that during the 44 years between the coming of Magellan and Legaspi, the natives continued to dance the Sinulog. This time however, they danced it no longer to worship their native idols but a sign of reverence to the Santo Nino which is now enshrined at the San Agustin Church ( renamed Basilica Minore del Santo Nino). Of course, through the years since 1521, the dance was a small ritual danced by a few in front of wooden idols or before the Santo Nino. In fact, at the Santo Nino Church where the image is consecrated, only the candle vendors could be seen dancing the Sinulog and making offerings. During the Santo Nino fiesta which falls on the third Sunday of January, children dressed moro-moro costumes also dance the Sinulog. This was really no big event for Cebu City.

In 1980, however, David S. Odilao Jr., then Regional Director of the Ministry of Sports and Youth Development (MYSD), organized the first ever Sinulog parade. He invited the physical education teachers for a meeting to discuss the organization of a Sinulog street dance parade. Nang Titang Diola of Mabolo was invited to give a demonstration at the Cebu Doctor’s College. The steps were analyzed and further enhanced by steps used by the candle vendors who performed in front of the church– The Basilica del Sto. Niño. With seven schools and universities, the physical education teachers spearheaded the first Sinulog Street Dance Parade. With financial support from then MYSD Regional Director David Odilao and Department of Education Culture and Sports, the schools were given an era to represent the history of Cebu from the primitive times to the present. Member schools of the Cebu Physical Education Association the University of San Carlos, Southwestern University, University of San Jose-Recoletos, University of Cebu, University of Southern Philippines, Cebu Institute of Technology and Cebu Doctor’s University. The street dance parade started from the Plaza Independencia and caught the imagination of the City of Cebu, which then thought of making the Sinulog a festival that would rival other festivals being held yearly in the country.

Thus, under the direction of Cebu City Mayor Florentino S. Solon and through the help of Manuel S. Satorre Jr., the late Juan B. Aquino Jr., also late Xavier Ledesma, Robert Grimalt and Antonio R. Aseniero Jr., Odilao turned over the Sinulog project to the Cebu City Hstorical Committee under Kagawad Jesus B. Garcia Jr. through Garcia’s committee, the Sinulog organization came into being. The first task of the organizing committee was how to conceptualize the festival and make it a big event.

The committee then came up with the idea of having a Sinulog logo that would identify the event yearly if it were to be institutionalized. The group didn’t however want to use the Santo Nino image itself because this would have been a sacrilege. And it had to look for something that would identify the project.

This was the coat of arms of the Santo Nino, which is quite visible as they are being embossed in the benches, architecture and banners of the old San Agustin Church. The coat of arms of the Santo Nino bears a two-headed hawk, the mark of the House of Hapsburg (Hamburg) in Europe which then ruled most of the known world from the 15th century to 20th century. Spain was under the Hapsburg dynasty when it sent the expeditions out across the globe to spread the Faith and expand the influence of the dynastic house to be unknown lands beyond the oceans.


Source: Sinulog.ph


Backpackers Guide to the Philippines

Backpackers Guide to the Philippines



The Philippines is situated in the Southeast Asia region. It is known as the Pearl of the Orient, and is internationally famous for its picturesque mountain-view spots, its luscious beaches, the delicious food, and

the hospitability of the Filipinos.

The influx of tourists from different parts of the world has increased in the recent years due to the development and progress the country has been undergoing. Most of these tourists are backpackers, hoping

to catch a glimpse of the beautiful country while experiencing adventure.

The first thing backpackers have to know is the currency exchange. Here are some of the commonly used currencies vs. the Philippine Peso:

USD1 = PHP46.993, PHP1 = USD0.02
EUR1 = PHP50.837, PHP1 = EUR0.02

Most Filipinos know Basic English, except in areas that are more rural, due to the Western influence that has penetrated the country.

To get around the country, the Philippines offer a wide range of transportation services:

For airline service, there are Philippine Airlines, Airphil Express, Cebu Pacificair, and Zest Airways. The range of the ticket prices has seasonal variations, but sometimes, these airlines hold marketing promos. During these campaigns, ticket prices are slashed to almost half the regular rate. You may check online if they have promos, cebu pacific peso fair, cebu pacific promo.

Boats, buses, cabs, jeepneys, tricycles, and pedicabs are localized per region. Surely, every city or town in the Philippines offer these transportation services, and are very affordable for the average tourist.
Accommodations in the Philippines are luxurious as compared with other countries. Hotels are scattered all over the different areas of the Philippines, and the best thing to do to ensure safety is to go with the

cheapest hotel (not a motel). The prices are reasonable enough to guarantee personal safety.
Food and drinks in the Philippine metropolitan areas are affordable, but if the backpackers want something cheaper, the Philippines is filled with budget restaurants that in spite of their humble offerings and

services, the delicious and exotic food will surely satisfy the palate.

The Most famous tourist spots in the Philippines

The most famous tourist destinations are Sagada, Banaue, Baguio City, Boracay, Bohol, Cebu Philippines, Iloilo, Palawan, Mindoro, Dumaguete, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and so much more.

Things to remember when backpacking (not only in the Philippines but also in everywhere else):
Keep all travel documents, cash, and credit cards close to the body. This is to avoid loss and theft. These are lifelines in case of emergent situations.

Travel light. Travel itineraries of backpackers are usually spontaneous and adventurous. Lugging around a suitcase and spending time packing will not warrant a good time.

Take advice from the locals. If residents of the area say something about a certain place not being safe, take heed of it. Adventure is not worth life-threatening danger.

Be polite. Most locales’ cultures are deeply rooted in respect, and if given to them, it would be probable that they would return the favor.

Adventure is an experience gained from spontaneous trips to different places, especially when experiencing the authenticity of local lifestyles while drinking in the beautiful sights and sounds of the Pearl of the

Orient. So, use sunscreen, do not forget to bring a camera, smile, and enjoy!


Read: Cebu Philippines Travel guide tips

Magellans Cross

Things to do in cebu

Things to do in Cebu City

If happens you are planning to travel Cebu Philippines you should consider visiting the whole province of Cebu. There are many places  like Lapu-Lapu,Talisay and Mandaue City deals for hotel accommodations where you can experience the city’s amazing charm and myriad activities.

Cebu, Philippines is a wonderful place filled with amazing urban and nature sites, delicious cuisine, and historical attractions that you will enjoy. Here are some activities you should do while you’re in town:

Lechon in cebu

If you are not aware of this mouthwatering delicacy, then you are missing out on one of the best-tasting Filipino dishes. Lechon is basically a medium-sized pig flavored with spices and other special

Best Lechon in Cebu

Best Lechon in Cebu

Cebu Original Lechon Belly

Cebu Original Lechon Belly

ingredients then slowly roasted to get that crisp, juicy, and tasty goodness. There are many versions of Lechon in different provinces in the Philippines, but Lechon Cebu is the best. It is usually served during

important events like large festivities, weddings, and even birthday parties. To further whet your appetite, celebrity food connoisseur Anthony Bourdain stated in an interview that Lechon is one of his favorite pork dishes in the world. Visit a nearby restaurant or just have it sent to your hotel in Mandaue. Cebu Lechon is your new favorite comfort food.

Famous landmarks in cebu

The province is filled with many enduring landmarks that you shouldn’t miss. Visit the Lapu-Lapu Shrine on the

Famous landmark in Cebu

Mactan Shrine – Lapu-lapu Cebu

island of Mactan, which commemorates the country’s first hero who fought invaders during the battle of Mactan. This is the battle where he led warriors against Spanish forces commanded by Ferdinand Magellan. Coincidentally, one of the most recognizable attractions in Cebu, Magellan’s Cross, is also a favorite tourist destination. The Cross of Magellan is the supreme symbol of the Roman Catholicism in the Philippines, which was once dominated by paganism and nature worship.





Best beaches in cebu

Best beaches in cebu

Best western Cebu Sand Bar Resort Cordova Cebu

Cebu is also famous for its gorgeous beaches. If you love clear waters, white sand, and the warmth of summer, places such as Malapascua, Bantayan, Camotes, Moalboal, and Oslob are perfect for you.

Indulge in water sports, seafood, and spectacular underwater scenery. Scuba diving, snorkeling, skim boarding, and whale watching are also common activities in these beaches. With all the fun things you

can do here, the only thing you should remember is to pack your sun block before you leave your hotel accommodation in Cebu.

Mactan Island

Enjoy the beach, and try out water sports like jet skiing, parasailing and windsurfing. The surrounding waters are also full of dive sites that range from easy to advanced. Experienced divers enjoy the nearby

dive spots which offer steep wall diving, awesome caves and wreck diving. Island hoping also famous in mactan as they say Mactan Island is one of the best beach destinations in the whole Cebu.

Shopping in Cebu

Aside from the big shopping malls like SM City Cebu, Park Mall, Robinson Cybergate  and Jcentry Mall in mandaue , you will love checking out the local stores and marketplaces in Cebu they called it Tabuan

Shopping in Cebu

SM Seaside Cebu City

part in Colon. Make sure to buy souvenirs like quality acoustic guitars in lapulapu city, snacks, and delicacies such as danggit, otap, and mango chips. To know more about the best shopping sites in Cebu,

there are many Cheap hotels in Cebu , Mactan, and Mandaue City hotel deals that offer guided tours as part of their Cebu hotel promo packages.

This year the SM Seaside City Cebu will open located at south road properties Talisay City, SM Seaside City Cebu will be SM’s third mall in Cebu and 55th mall in the Philippines. The mall is designed by

Arquitectonica, the same company which designed SM City North EDSA, SM Mall of Asia and SM Megamall. Aside from its retail component, the mall will also have entertainment and lifestyle areas. These

include the Seaside Tower, a 148-meter structure with a viewing deck that offers a 360-degree view of Cebu with restaurants and bars on the side to complement the experience; and the Sky Park, an

elevated area in the mall set in the midst of foliage and water features complemented by dining choices.


Things to do in Cebu Video



Mactan Cebu-International Airport

Flights to Cebu Philippines

Cheap flights to Cebu

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Flights to Cebu

There are local airlines such as Cebu Pacific Air, AirAsia, PAL Express, Seair/Tiger Airways, and Zest Air since all airlines today offer promos. One of the major tourist destinations in the Philippines. The equatorial weather conditions of the city and the beautiful scenic spots earn Cebu a top place of the list of every tourist. If you are a travel bug and searching for an absolute place to spend your vacations, then flights to Cebu is the exact place. Travel guide of the cheap flights to Cebu will let you assured by the city and make your journey easy. Reserve your cheap air tickets to Cebu in advance with our advance booking engine. Visit the city that can create a wonderful perception of a desirable location to be trekked.
If you are thinking of traveling to Cebu consider cheap flights to Cebu as the primary destinations to book your air tickets. Plan your vacations to visit the natural, historical and colorful city Cebu on cheap flights to Cebu. Travel Cebu with an expert and ATOL protection holder travel agent of the UK and get the cheapest flight deals to your favorite destinations. Flights to Cebu are expertise in air ticketing. Book your air tickets for cheap flights to Cebu, whether you are traveling for business or on vacations with family groups.
Travel in cheap air tickets with service professional in low and affordable cheap airfares with enjoyable special offers. Schedule your vacations and book your tickets on flights to Cebu with lowest air fares and promos.

Philippine airlines office in cebu

Cebu Cargo Office
Mactan Cebu International Airport
Lapu-Lapu City
Cebu 6015
Tel :(32) 340-0141 ; 232-8414
Fax : (32) 232-8919 ; 340-2243

Cebu Gorordo Ticket Office
QC Pavillon, Gorordo Avenue
Cebu City.
Office Hours

Mondays to Fridays:  08:30-19:00
Saturdays : 08:30-12:00
Sundays and Holidays: Closed
Email: gorto_ceb@pal.com.ph / corporatesales_cebu@pal.com.ph
Cebu Jones Ticket Office
Ground Floor, Almase Building
No.80 Osmena Blvd., Cebu City 6000
Tel :(32) 254-4655
Email: jones_tktofc@pal.com.ph

Office Hours
Mondays-Fridays : 8:30-18:30
Saturdays-Sundays : 8:30-17:00
Holidays: 8:30-17:00
May close on New Year, Good Friday, All Saints Day , Christmas Day.
Cebu Mactan Airport Ticket Office
Pre-Terminal Building
Mactan Cebu International Airport
Lapu-Lapu City
Cebu 6016
Tel :(32) 340-9780
Fax : (32) 340-0717
Office hours


Cebu Pacific air Office in Cebu


  • Skyliner Services
    G/F Elizabeth Mall, Leon Kilat and N, Bacalso Sts., Cebu City
    Tel: (032) 253-1925 /
    (032) 253-1926
  • Lower G/F North Reclamation Area Cebu City
    Tel: (032) 233-4983
  • SM Cebu Lower Ground Floor, SM City Cebu, Cebu City
    Tel: (032) 234-1237
  • Lower Ground Floor, Gaisano Mall, Mactan Brgy., Agus Road, Lapu-Lapu City
    Tel: (032) 268-9746
  • Fooda Consolacion, North Road, Pob., Oriental Consolacion Cebu
    Tel: (032) 268-9230
  • 2F Gaisano Grand Mall Minglanilla Poblacion, Minglanilla Cebu
    Tel: (032) 236-2250
  • 2F SM Consolacion, Brgy. Lamac Consolacion Cebu
    Tel: (032) 260-0088
  • Ayala Center, South Parking Area Cebu City
    Tel: (032) 231-6808
  • Cebu Airport Ticket Office
    Mactan International Airport Lapu-Lapu, Cebu City
    Business Hours:
    24 Hours
  • Robinsons Fuente
    Fuente Osmena, Cebu City
    Business Hours:
    9:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Daily




Olango Island

Olango island wildlife sanctuary

Olango Island

Olango Island

Olango Island is a small island which happens to be only 5kms away from Mactan Island. The main tourist attraction is the Olango Wildlife Sanctuary or also known as the Olango Bird Sanctuary because it is a 920-hectare sanctuary which is used by birds that migrate as a refueling station to and from Australia, China, Japan, and Siberia. The best of the Northerly migration can be seen on February to April and the best of the southerly migration can be seen on September until November . There are 97 species of birds that can be found in the Olango Bird Sanctuary. Among the frequent birds that visit are Chinese Egrets, Eastern curlews, plovers, sanpipers,Black-tailed Godwit, Red Knot and Asiatic Dowitchers.

Olango island Mactan cebu Photo by: George Tormes

Olango island Mactan cebu Photo by: George Tormes

In Olango island, your adventure wouldn’t really be complete without getting to go to Olango island resorts. Their Olango island resorts offer peace and quiet and an amazing view of the ocean. There are also Olango Island resorts that happen to be dive resorts such as Talima Seaside Resort. In fact, they are known for their Scuba Diving activities and snorkelling at certain dive spots. Talima is the biggest sanctuary in Olango, 14 hectares and is home to parrot fishes, groupers, mandarin and aquarium fishes. Talima Seaside Resort, is a well-known dive resort and it operates with partner `polaris-dive` the diving center already has 15 years of experience in the Visayan seas.

Another paradise getaway is located at the northern part or the tip of of Mactan Island. It is where you can find the the little undisturbed paradise of Punta Engaño – a small fishing community far from the hustle and bustle of the city and tourist destinations. Punta Engaño is rocky and unpolished. The coast is mostly made up of steep rock formations. But this doesn’t leave Punta Engaño unwanted. This is why people consider it to be somehow different. Punta Engaño is a humble, quiet, and natural place.


Mactan Island Dive Spots Map

Mactan Island dive spots

Dive spots in Cebu

There are lots of Dive Centres in Mactan. Considering the beautiful waters that surrounds the island. Hop from island to island to see marine parks, remote tropical islands, and never touched coral reefs. The water around Mactan Island is very clear and visibility exceeds 20m. A diver with an attentive behavior can be entertained for hours by the large variety and shapes and most especially the color of the coral reefs. The Dive Centres in Mactan don’t just offer to scuba diving in just one dive spot.

In fact, The Mactan Scuba dive centers offers scuba diving in several dive spots! Mactan Scuba Dive Centers conduct regular trips to nearby islands. They offer dive courses which is approved by the PADI and the nicest part is that they can offer it in different languages: English, German, Filipino, Cebuano, and Polish.

Here’s a list of Mactan’s dive spots
• The Kontiki Reef
• Tambuli Reef & Airplane Wreck
• Shangri-La Marine Sanctuary
• Marine Station Sanctuary
• Agus Bay
• Coral Reef
• Marigondon Cave Cabilao Island
• Hilutungan Island Marine Sanctuary
• Nalusuan Island Marine Sanctuary
• Tingo Point, Olango Island
• Talima, Olango Island
• San Juan Wreck
Here is a list of Mactan’s Scuba Dive Centers:
• Kontiki Divers
• Stella Maris Dive Experts
• APEX Philippine Diving
• Aquamania
• 7 Seas Aquanauts
• Crispina Aquatics
• Fun & Sun Dive shop
• Liqiuid Assets
• Mactan Scuba
• P S Q Divers
• Paradive Scuba Diving Resort
• Scuba World Mactan
• Tambuli Beach Club
• Tropical Island Adventures
Blue Coral
• P.C. Divers

Scuba diving in the Philippines

The Philippines  is an archipelagic country and has so much to offer in terms of marine biodiversity. In 2006, the Dive and Travel Awards named the country as one of the top three dive sites in the world. That is very impressive. Among the internationally recognized dive spots in the Philippines (some are included in PDI’s Top 10) include Tubattaha Reef in the Sulu Sea, Malapascua in Cebu (which offers you a chance to catch rare Thresher Sharks), Subic Bay (wreck diving), Balicasag Island just off Bohol, Anilao in Batangas, Boracay Island, Puerto Galera (colorful corals and big fishes abound), Apo Island in Dumaguete, and the islands surrounding Palawan.

From World War II wrecks, colorful tropical fish, diverse corals, and a host of others, Philippine scuba diving has a lot to offer even to the fussiest diver.


Cebu Dive Sites Video



Mactan Island Dive Spots Map

Mactan Island Dive Spots Map

Mactan Island Dive Spots Map



Mactan-Cebu International Airport “resort airport’

Inaugurated Last June 29, 2015 Mactan-Cebu International Airport the resort airport aims to accommodate as many flights and passengers as possible. Tourist would experience a pleasant flying which they would share to their friends and family.Mactan-Cebu International Airport “resort airport’ “The kick-off ceremony for the construction of the new mactan cebu international terminal for the country’s second-biggest gateway, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, is touted to be the start of Philippine airports matching the best in the world,” Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC)


DAYLIGHT FOAM PARTY 2015- Mactan cebu

Foam party Island of MactanGet ready for the Biggest Outdoor Afternoon Foam Party to hit the Island of Mactan! Island Sound 2015 will kick off the first day with a DAYLIGHT FOAM PARTY – covering the entire dance area of the Island Party Ground! Foam Flow will start at exactly 3PM on April 25, 2015 – SATURDAY.
Get ready to get soaked in pure white foam and party with the pulsating beats of Cebu’s Top DJs! The evening music session gets even better with some of Manila’s Best DJs!
Come early to get your best party spot! Bring extra dry clothes and some GOOD VIBES!


Serulyan Seascapes in Lapu-Lapu City


THE Filinvest Group continues to expand its presence in Cebu as its subsidiary, Filinvest Alabang Inc (FAI), recently marked its first regional expansion in Cebu with the launching of the P4-billion Serulyan Seascapes in Lapu-Lapu City.

Serulyan Seascapes Lapu-lapu city

The development, which will have six towers, will nestle in a two-hectare property near Crimson Resort and Spa, which is also a Filinvest project. FAI Serulyan Seascapes project head Don-Don Mari S. Ubaldo said the development is part of the Filinvest Premiere home brand category and will offer to the market 581 high-end condominium units.

The first tower, which will have 65 units, will be positioned as service apartments instead of purely residential ones and is targeted to investors. Ubaldo said Tower 1 will be managed by FilArchipelago Hospitality Inc, the same group behind Crimson.

“I’m very optimistic that Cebuanos will embrace this project,” Ubaldo said at the sidelines of the project’s launching, noting the vibrant tourism in Lapu-Lapu City.

FAI’s biggest project is Filinvest City, a 244-hectare development in Alabang, Muntinlupa.

Lapu-Lapu Mayor Paz Radaza said Filinvest’s additional investment in the city is a welcome development. She said Serulyan Seascapes will boost the upbeat tourism industry of Mactan Island.

The city’s income, the mayor said, increased by 15 percent in 2014. Although she did not cite figures, she said the income is primarily driven by the residential and tourism projects in the city.Serulyan Seascapes

Construction of the first tower in Serulyan Seascapes will start in the second quarter of this year, according to Ubaldo. It is scheduled to be completed and become operational in 2018.

Aside from Serulyan Seascapes, Ubaldo said FAI will be launching within the year a Filinvest exclusive collection brand within City de Mare in South Road Properties. Source Sunstar

sm hypermarket lapulapu

SM Hypermarket Lapu-Lapu Mall

Newly opened SM Hypermarket Lapu-Lapu!

Pueblo Verde, Mactan  Economic zone II Kadaugan Ave Brgy. Basak, Lapu-lapu city

Regular store hours 6:00AM to 9:00PM

Open last February 26, 2015

Great treats, prizes, and surprises for you. We have Valuepacks with FREE SM Bonus and awesome Buy-One-Get-One-FREE items!


sm hypermarket lapulapu








Sm Hypermart lapulapu










Sm Hypermart lapulapu opening










sm hypermarket lapulapu city